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Octagon graph paper is perfect resource to help with your 3D models and figures, floor plans or geometric designs. Use this octagonal graph maker to create custom octagon graphs to download and print.



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Octagon Graph Paper

Octagon graph paper is a type of graph paper that has octagonal grids instead of the usual square grids. This can be useful for certain drawings, such as floor plans or 3-D models.

The octagonal shape allows for more efficient use of space and can make it easier to create accurate perspective drawings. Whether you’re an architect, an artist, or just a doodler, octagon graph paper can be a helpful tool for your next project.

Where is octagon graph paper used?

Octagon graph paper is commonly used in a variety of applications, from drafting and design to mathematics and engineering. The unique shape of the octagon allows for precise measurements and makes it easy to create symmetrical designs.

Octagon graph paper is also popular among quilters and crafters, as it can be used to create octagonal patterns. In addition, octagon graph paper can be useful for creating three-dimensional models.

How to create octagonal graph paper?

Make your own Octagonal Graph Paper by adjusting the settings on this graph paper maker. You can change the outline value, as well as the color of the grid. Adjust the Grid Properties by changing the size. Change the Page Settings to Portrait or Landscape orientation. Make sure to check out our premium features to customize your graph paper as per your requirements.

What Paper Size can I print Hexagonal Graph Paper on?

It’s totally up to you. We offer many different paper size options from Letter Size, A3, A4, A5, and many more. You can even set your own dimensions to customize the paper size as per your needs.

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