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Notes taking with Graph Paper made easy with Cornell Note Taking Graph Paper. The Cornell Note Taking Graph Paper is perfect for students who want an edge in the classroom. The system provides a structured way to take notes that helps you focus on the most important information, and the quadrille grid graph lines make it easy to transfer your notes into a study guide or presentation later on.


Outer: points

Inner: points

Lines: points

Grid/Line Settings



Note Taking Block Size (grid/lines area)

Horizontal: (%)     Vertical: (%)

Page Settings


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Page Color:


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default preview

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Paper size (WxH): x (Max limit: 20"x20")
  • 'Portrait Layout' : width will be smaller
  • 'Landscape Layout' : height will be smaller

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Printable Cornell Note Taking Graph Paper

Cornell Note Taking Template is perfect for anyone who wants to take well structured notes. Cornell Note Taking Graph Paper Generator allows you to create graph paper with quadrille grid graph lines for the notes area, making it perfect for science, chemistry, math and architectural notes.

Cornell System is one of the most efficient ways to retain information. It helps you organize your notes, ideas and concepts and study with ease. Once you’re done taking your notes, go back to the blank space on the left hand side and write any questions you may have about your notes.

How to generate Cornell Note Taking Graph Paper?

You can create such notes by yourself by leaving a two-inch column on the left-hand side of the page. Alternatively, you can generate such paper templates by using our Cornell Graph Paper generator.

  • Lines: Adjust the points for inner, outer and lines thickness value.
  • Grid / Line Settings: Set the value of grid lines; set the position to Top or Bottom, Right or Left.
  • Note Taking Block Size: Set the Horizontal and Vertical values.
  • Page Settings: Set the page layout to portrait or landscape.
  • Premium Features: Check out our premium features to fit your graph paper requirements even further.

Stop struggling with note taking and information retaining – create your own Cornell Graph Paper with this custom Graph Paper Generator.

Download Printable Cornell Graph Paper

After you have made adjustments, you can go ahead and download the graph paper on your choice of paper size. There are many options for paper sizes including: letter size, A3, A4, A5 and more. You can even set the custom size for the paper. You have the options to change the colors of the lines as well.

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