Cross Stitch Graph Paper Maker

Cross-stitching is a wonderful hobby that requires patience, attention to detail, and creativity. Creating beautiful designs with colorful threads is an artistic process that many people enjoy.

However, before starting a cross-stitch project, you need to prepare a grid graph paper to plan the design. This is where our printable maker comes in handy. With a few clicks, you can create customized cross-stitch grid graph paper to suit your needs. It's easy, fast, and convenient.

Large Grid


Line Spacing:

Small Grid


Line Spacing:

Page Settings


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Page Color:
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If you have made any changes, press regenerate button to refresh the preview.

default preview

Select 'Custom' to enter your own values.

Paper size (WxH): x (Max limit: 20"x20")
  • 'Portrait Layout' : width will be smaller
  • 'Landscape Layout' : height will be smaller

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What is a Cross Stitch Graph Paper Printable Maker?

Cross Stitch Grid Graph paper maker is a powerful tool that is specially designed to help you plan and organize your cross-stitch masterpiece. With its unique grid structure, you can easily map out your design, stitch by stitch, ensuring an accurate and professional-looking finished piece.

By using graph paper, you’ll be able to experiment with different color schemes and chart out complex patterns without fear of getting lost or making mistakes.

If you want to make your own isometric dot grid paper, check out our Isometric Dot Grid Paper Printable Maker.

Benefits of using cross stitch graph paper

Our printable maker is a valuable tool for cross-stitch enthusiasts who want to create their own customized grid graph paper. It saves time, effort, and money, as you don’t have to buy pre-made paper or draw the grid lines manually. What’s more, you can choose the size, style, number of squares, and color of the paper to suit your project’s needs.

Creating your customized cross stitch graph paper has never been easier. By using the Cross Stitch Graph Paper Printable Maker, you can generate and download your design in a matter of minutes.

How to use the Cross Stitch Graph Paper Printable Maker?

Using this printable maker is easy and straightforward. With this graph paper maker, you can Choose the size and style of the grid paper, add the number of squares you need, customize the color of the grid paper and much more.

Start by making a few adjustments like:

  • Large Grid: Set the point thickness and line spacing for thicker grid.
  • Small Grid: Set the point thickness and line spacing for thinner smaller grid.
  • Page Settings: Adjust and download the page orientation as portrait or landscape.
  • Premium Features: To fit your requirements even further, make sure to check out our premium features.
  • Do not forget to click the blue “Regenerate” button to apply your changes.

Once you have customized the size, style, number of squares, and color of the grid paper, you can download and print it. Our printable maker generates a PDF file that you can save on your computer. Print it using a high-quality printer and the paper of your choice.

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