Storyboard Paper Maker

Storyboard paper is a way to represent a story by breaking it into small chunks in a certain sequence. It allows the illustrator or author to focus on each chunk separately without any distractions. This is an effective way of storytelling, by visually presenting the information, one cell at a time in one direction.

Line Thickness

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default preview

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Paper size (WxH): x (Max limit: 20"x20")
  • 'Portrait Layout' : width will be smaller
  • 'Landscape Layout' : height will be smaller

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What is a Storyboard?

A storyboard is graphical organizer that comes with a set of rectangles and horizontal lines. Authors and storytellers use these rectangle boxes to visually represent the story, and the corresponding horizontal lines are used to write the script for each box.

Storyboard Paper Generator

Create your own storyboard using our Storyboard generator. It’s very easy to create your own printable paper when you make a few adjustments.

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