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An online dots graph paper maker to create custom dotted grid printable paper for bullet journaling. Make your own dot grid paper for bullet journal and scrapbooking. Print on variety of paper formats like A3, A4, A5, Letter Size and any custom size of your choice.

You can control the line spacing, thickness, color, borders, margins and more. For quick, easy and ready to download pre-made templates, visit our Graph Papers Gallery section.

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What is Dot Grid Paper?

Dotted or Dot Grid Paper is a pattern of dots at regular intervals in horizontal and vertical direction. Intervals can vary with the number of dots per inch. Dotted pages provide more structure than blank or lined paper. That is because dots don’t feel very invasive and give a clean look.

Reason being that normally dots are spaced at a certain distance, commonly, 5 dots per inch creating both horizontal and vertical structure. Dotted grid is more subtle and neat looking with less clutter.

Dotted grid paper is becoming popular among writers for bullet journaling, calligraphy, handwriting and sketch drawings. They provide perfect guidelines so that your drawings or writing are aligned.

Dot Grid Maker

Now you can create your own dot grid paper with this Grid Maker Tool. You can change the dot size, dot spacing, shape, color of the dots, pattern or layout, paper orientation, paper size, margins etc.

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